Full Face Diving Mask - Black - XL

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A snorkeling mask that covers the entire face

Allows you to breathe underwater with a wide 180-degree panoramic view

Equipped with a camera mount

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Dive deeper and breathe easier

With the advanced dry top breathing system featured in this full-face snorkel mask. 

It allows natural breathing through the nose and keeps the snorkel dry, ensuring a seamless snorkeling experience without water intrusion.

Unobstructed Panoramic View

The mask provides a 180-degree wide panoramic view, offering a wider field of vision than traditional snorkel masks. 

This enhanced clarity and scope allow for an immersive viewing experience of the aquatic environment.

Anti-Fog Technology

Enjoy clear, uninterrupted views with the mask's innovative internal air circulation system that prevents fog buildup. 

This technology ensures fog-free visibility, allowing for continuous exploration without the need to remove and clean the mask.

Premium Silicone Material

Made from high-quality, flexible silicone, this mask provides a comfortable, leak-proof fit suitable for prolonged underwater adventures. 

The material is designed for both safety and durability, adapting to various face shapes.

Built-In Camera Mount


This snorkel mask features a strategically placed camera mount on top, enabling easy attachment of cameras to capture stunning underwater scenes. 

This hands-free design enhances the snorkeling experience by allowing divers to focus on the environment.

User-Friendly Design

The mask is designed for easy use, suitable for swimmers and divers of all skill levels. 

It is ready to use straight out of the box, requiring no complex preparations or professional instructions.

Sizing Guide

The mask is available in four sizes, ensuring an ideal fit:

Small to Medium (S/M): Best suited for women, this size fits those with a face length from eye to chin less than (13.5 cm).

Large to Extra-Large (L/XL): Generally recommended for men, this size is appropriate for a face length exceeding (13.5 cm).

Choosing the Right Size

Measure the distance from your eye to the bottom of your chin.

Select S/M if it is less than 13.5 cm.

Choose L/XL if it is more than 13.5.


In The Box
  • 1*Mask
  • medical liquid silicone ,
  • polycarbonate
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