Color Catcher Sheets for Laundry (15 pieces)

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Save Time and Stop Separating Clothes

Strong Absorbent

Suitable for White, Colored and Dark Clothes. 

Suitable For Hand and Machine Wishing at All Temperatures

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Discover the secret to preserving your clothes' brilliance while saving time, it's all in using one Sheet!

With their strong absorbent properties, these sheets are like magic in your washing machine.

Keep Clothes Original Colours

 It will prevent your clothes from getting any color that doesn’t belong to it!

Safe for all colorfast washables and works in all water temperatures

 Made with natural ingredients, no hurt to your hands, safe for sensitive skin and baby clothes, underwear, and other personal clothes. Suitable for all machine wash and hand wash.

Thick and contain lots of microfibers that collect and absorb color, prevent the color mixing of clothes.

Save Time & Convenient

  You can mix clothes of different colors to reduce the number of washes, save money and time. 

Wide Application

 Applicable for cotton, linen, synthetic fiber, mixed and other garment materials.

Protect The Color of Your Garments

in addition to preventing your clothes from being dyed with other colors, will help all clothes keep their colors  equally bright and intense.

In whites, it prevents yellowing - aging of clothes.

With 1 towel per wash, it will be more than enough. 

The box includes 15 towels.

suitable for hand and machine wishing suitable for use at all temperatures and on all fabrics

save for the dryer 



  • Fabrics ,
  • Polyester
11*14 cm
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