Phone Signal Booster Sticker

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Strong Signal Worldwide

Strengthens all types of communications: mobile phone network, cordless phones at home, radios.

Compatible with all devices.

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Advanced Signal Enhancement Technology


The network booster relies on advanced technology to efficiently enhance mobile phone signal, ensuring you stay connected no matter your location.

Signal enhancement isn't limited to just mobile phones; it also extends to improving radio reception in both directions, personal digital assistants, wireless communications, and even cordless phones in your home. Through innovative antenna boosting technology, all types of communications are significantly improved.

The new generation X PlusSP-1Revised has been developed. With its enhanced power and new gold-colored design, the network booster provides excellent high-level performance.

Lightweight and Flexible Design


Designed to be lightweight and easy to use, the adhesive network booster can be your perfect companion for travel or daily use, without adding any extra burden to your phone.

Universal Compatibility


No matter what type of mobile phone or service provider you use, the adhesive network booster can provide you with an excellent and compatible connection experience worldwide.

Use a clean cloth or moistened wipes to clean the area where the booster will be attached to the mobile phone well.

Detach the signal sticker from its card and place it on the back of the phone, aligning the top of the booster with the mobile phone's antenna.

Use your fingers to gently rub the booster to ensure it adheres well to the mobile phone.

Turn on the mobile phone and feel the unmatched significant impact!

4.5×3.5 cm
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