Angle and Tight Spaces Measuring Ruler

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A tool that makes every measurement possible

From sharp angles to delicate curves

Easily and accurately transfer shapes

10 inches / 25 cm

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The flexible measuring ruler for accurate copying of angles and irregular shapes, making it ideal for woodworking, home renovations, and projects that require precise cutting.

It features teeth that can be pressed against any surface to record an instant and exact shape, which can then be easily transferred onto paper or directly onto the material to be cut.

Durable and long-lasting without rusting or leaving scratches on measured surfaces, the tool's design provides even tension between the teeth for smooth and comfortable operation.

Suitable for tracing the precise shape of sharp, square, rounded, or slanted corners.

It can be used in a wide range of tasks such as installing moldings, wood floor transitions, winding lines or ducts, fitting doors or windows, customizing shoes, home construction projects, auto bodywork, and more.

10 inches / 25 cm in length, long enough to meet diverse needs, with a ruler marked on both sides, allowing for the exact tracing of any object's shape.


  • ABS
Black and Turquoise
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