NEXTOOL Gemini 13-in-1 Multifunctional Pliers

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Make the most of this versatile tool!

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Benefit from versatility!

The multifunctional pliers are designed to perform 13 different functions, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks. Ideal for everyday tasks, camping, hiking, home repairs, and more.

13 different functions in one tool

Multi-function pliers for gripping and stripping wires

Combines six functions

Regular pliers: Used for gripping objects firmly.
Toothed pliers: Wide-jawed and toothed for general, industrial, and plumbing work; can handle small, medium, and large objects due to its robust and versatile design.
Precision hinge pliers: Feature small points on the jaws to increase precision when gripping small objects.
Electrical wire cutter: Used for cutting electrical wires of various sizes, including thin and thick wires.
Wire stripping: For removing insulation from electrical wires.
Wire bending and shaping: Can be used to bend and shape wires, such as for electrical wiring installation.

5 foldable tools 

Flathead screwdriver: For tightening and loosening screws and flat-head bolts.
Crosshead screwdriver: For tightening and loosening screws and crosshead bolts; also used for opening bottle caps.
Rope cutter: For cutting ropes and thin wires, among other needs.
Bottle opener: Used to open bottle caps and cans that do not have a pull tab.
Knife: Useful for camping, outdoor activities, cutting ropes, preparing food, and various tasks.

The most important tool (10-in-1 wireless screwdriver set)

10 wireless rotary screwdrivers provide 170 revolutions per minute and can be used to disassemble components of various electrical devices, machinery, furniture, and perform necessary repairs.
Built-in button for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation (for fastening or loosening).
Rechargeable; you can install or remove more than 400 screws precisely when fully charged.

Carrying case

The plier comes with a small bag for easy storage and space-saving.


Battery capacity
Charger type
  • USB
  • ABS ,
  • Stainless Steel
12.8×3.5×2 cm
  • 285g
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