Magnetic Suction Cup Car Phone Holder (X8Q)

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Compact and stylish, fitting seamlessly into any space 

Adjustable and Powerful Suction Cup

360° 3D Rotation and Safe View

Equipped with a strong magnetic ring

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Innovative Magnetic Car Suction Holder

Provides a secure and convenient solution for holding your phone while on the go. 

Whether you need a reliable mount for your smartphone or your keys, this magnetic holder has you covered.

Adjustable and Powerful Suction 

The mount features an adjustable suction power, controlled by a small rotating lever. 

This unique and innovative design allows you to secure the mount firmly to your dashboard or windshield. 

The bottom of the suction cup is covered with a layer of gel that is washable and reusable, ensuring it does not damage your car's surfaces.

360° 3D Rotation and Safe View

Designed with a 360° 3D rotation feature, you can adjust the holder in various directions to achieve the best navigation angle. 

The compact design ensures it does not obstruct your driving view, making your driving experience safer.

Strong Magnetic Grip

Equipped with powerful magnets, this holder provides a secure and stable hold for your devices, preventing them from slipping or falling even on bumpy roads or during sudden stops. 

The strong magnetic grip ensures your valuable belongings stay in place, offering peace of mind while driving.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to fit most smartphones and other small items, making it universally compatible with a wide range of models. 

This eliminates the need for multiple mounts for different devices, providing a versatile solution for all your needs.

Easy Installation

The car phone holder is easy to install, featuring a suction cup that attaches effortlessly to any smooth surface, such as a window or dashboard. 

This allows for quick setup and removal, making it a convenient addition to any vehicle.

Super Strong Magnetic Ring

The holder features a super strong magnetic ring with 32 N52 Rubidium magnets, the industry's highest magnetic strength. 

This ensures your phone stays securely in place, even under hard braking or on rough roads, freeing up your hands and ensuring a safe ride.

In The Box
  • 1*Fixing ring
  • 1*Stand
  • 1*Type-C cable
  • 1*Type-c
  • 1*Type-c
  • ABS ,
  • magnet
  • 126g
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