Cooling Relief Hydrogel Patch - 2 pcs

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Soothing touch to bring down your baby's temperature

Soft and easy to use

Ideal for reducing fever, relieving headaches and providing comfort and cooling

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Cooling Relief Hydrogel Patch

Comfort and Convenience

These patches are crafted from premium hydrophilic gel, ensuring they are both skin-friendly and comfortable

Designed for convenience, they are ready to use at any moment and are ideal for placement on the forehead, neck, temples, or other areas in need of cooling

It also comes in different scents, such as strawberry, watermelon, mint, and orange

Effective Relief 

They excel in lowering fever temperatures, easing migraines and headaches, providing relief from heatstroke, reducing fatigue, and offering a refreshing sensation

Each patch is single use and maintains its effectiveness for up to 8 hours

 Innovative Cooling Solution

This product comprises a non-woven backing layer, a gel layer, and a protective film cover

It's recommended for immediate application during fever to initiate an efficient cooling process, thus eliminating the frequent need to change cold towels

The paste sustains a prolonged cooling effect, promptly alleviating both cooling and pain sensations

 It aids in enhancing the cooling impact on fevers, promoting rapid temperature reduction and decelerating symptoms

Safe Usage and Precautions

Non edible, these patches require adult supervision when used by children. 

It's crucial to avoid applying them to open wounds, or close to the eyes and mouth 


  • Hydrogel
12*5 cm
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