Hair Washing Basin with Drainage Tube

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Where simplicity meets functionality, providing a comfortable and accessible solution for everyone

Convenient for taking care of elderly, pregnant women or post-surgery recovery,

and even children who find shampooing challenging

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Effortless Hair Washing

Designed to redefine your hair care routine. This innovative product allows for a stress-free shampooing experience while comfortably lying on your back. Ideal for a wide range of individuals, including caregivers, the elderly, pregnant women, those with injuries or post-surgery recovery, and even children who find shampooing challenging.

High Quality and Safe Materials

Crafted from the finest high-quality materials, The hair washer promises safety and sustainability. It's environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The design is robust, drop-resistant, and maintains its shape without any deformation, ensuring long-lasting use.

Comfort and Ease

Large mesure and Convenient with an extendable tube length up to 80cm, The hair washer is designed to accommodate various needs. Its size and shape are tailored to ensure a comfortable and efficient hair washing experience for all users.

No More Wet Mess

Say goodbye to wet shoulders and necks during shampooing. The hair washer is expertly designed to keep your head, neck,

and shoulders dry throughout the process.

and with its convenient drainage tube, disposing of water after cleaning is a breeze, making your hair washing experience as neat as it is easy.


  • ABS
35*48*14 cm
  • 1100g
Transparent Blue
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