Sport Cooling Towel - Light Purple

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Light Purple
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"Ideal for use during intense workouts and long exercise sessions.

Helps keep the body areas cool and dry, enhancing comfort and athletic performance.

It can also be used on hot days to alleviate excess heat and prevent heat stress


Perfect companion for sports and hot days

A sports towel designed specifically to provide effective cooling during physical activity or in hot weather. This towel works by absorbing water and retaining it, allowing for instant cooling when placed on the body. It stands out with its special design that caters to the needs of athletes and trainers.

Stay refreshed all the time

It features technological properties that prevent excess heat and help sweat evaporate faster. The towel can be activated by soaking it in cold water and squeezing out the excess, then wrapping it around the neck or placing it on the face or body to provide refreshment and cooling.

Perfect cooling

Ideal for intense sports such as running, cycling, and tennis, as well as outdoor activities like camping and long walks. It can also be used in high-temperature conditions or when in hot environments to help soothe the body and alleviate the heat.

High quality

The sports cooling towel is made of highly absorbent and quick-drying materials, such as innovative synthetic fibers and active fabrics. It has an advanced composition that allows for efficient water absorption and even distribution across the towel's surface. When used, it cools the skin through water evaporation, helping to reduce heat and surrounding moisture.

The sports cooling towel features a comfortable and practical design, coming in a suitable size to provide sufficient coverage for the face, neck, and body. Athletes can easily secure it around the neck, head, or hang it over the shoulder.


30×95 cm
Light Purple
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