Spa Gel Gloves

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Gloves to treat dry and peeling hands

Silicone on the inside and cotton on the outside

Helps absorb care creams and natural oils

One size fits all


 Spa Gel Gloves 

Ideal for those who suffer from peeling and dry hands, eczema and women who spend long periods in the kitchen.

Designed to refresh and renew skin cells, get rid of dead skin, and moisturize and soften hands.

It contributes to relieving the pain of cracked palms and fingers due to eczema or peeling due to the use of cleaning products, which tire the hands, provided that you continue to use the innovative gel gloves.

The gloves are coated from the inside with a layer of silicone gel to help absorb any type of cream or oil.

On the outside, the gloves are covered with a layer of soft cotton.

You can add Vitamin E, lavender essential oil, jojoba oil and olive oil inside the silicone gloves to treat, nourish, moisturize and soften rough, cracked and dry skin.

(The hands are cleaned well, then dried, moisturizing cream is applied, then socks are put on)

Its anti-slip design ensures comfortable and safe use, while sleeping, or during personal care hours during the day

These gloves will pamper your palms and moisturize them amazingly.

With these moisturizing gloves, you'll soon be able to wave with both hands again with confidence

Note: Hand wash only, not suitable for ironing, machine washing, chlorine bleaching or dry cleaning.


  • Fabric ,
  • silica gel
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